The Fisherman and his Soul

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An open-air, walkabout production.
One of Shakespeare’s finest, but seldom performed masterpieces.
Set among the ancient Britons and Romans; a boldly drawn
tale of honour and integrity.
A quality cast of fourteen brings you this moving and audacious story.
This will be Simon Corble’s fifth walkabout Shakespeare as director,after his triumphs with the
late Midsommer Actors' Company.

The Tempest
- Hilbre Island, August 1990 -

performed with the audience stranded for six hours on this tidal island, along with the characters in Midsommer Actors' first production.

– tour including Brimham Rocks;
Manchester Hulme; Beeston Castle

“Shakespeare al-fresco is one thing, in the
hands of Midsommer Actors, it becomes
something very special”

- Alan Hulme, Manchester Evening News.

“…use of location is spectacularly appropriate,
the performances are loud, bold, big and brilliant
It reminded you how rugged Shakespeare can be…"
Alfred Hickling, Yorkshire Post.

As You Like It
– tour including Renishaw Hall; Arundel Festival;
Dunham Park

“Modern Shakespeare at its very best.” Sheffield Telegraph.

A Midsommer Night’s Dreame
– tour including Royden Park, Dunham, Towneley Hall - winner of A Manchester Evening News award.

“A delight from the outset…inspired touches by director Simon Corble…Uplifting, romantic, intelligent. A dream of an evening”

- City Life.