The Fisherman and his Soul
By Oscar Wilde
Adapted and directed by Simon Corble

A powerful and enigmatic tale from a master story teller, brought to life through muscular performance, live atmospheric soundscapes and Wilde’s intensely rich language. A young fisherman falls for a mermaid, but in order to join her in the depths of the sea he has to lose his immortal soul. He sets off to learn the secret ritual he must perform to free his soul from his body, but is surprised to discover that his soul has something to say in the matter. The struggle between himself, his soul, a jealous young witch and a troubled priest is at turns, fascinating, tragic and moving.



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        Mr. Bridgeman    
The actors spent two weeks of rehearsal on a remote, Greek island, where they worked "on location" alongside pounding waves, echoing caves, windswept moonlit mountain tops and scented pine forest; the essence of those experiences is now made vivid by the magic of simple theatre, distilled in intimate theatre spaces.
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