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The Signalman
and other Ghost Stories

“Sinister, atmospheric and with a spine chilling twist in its tail”
City Life

A spine-chilling presentation of ghost stories, especially for the “Haunted Season”, with Charles’ Dickens’ The Signalman as the main feature. The story concerns an isolated railway worker, haunted by a strange spectre that appears at the mouth of a dark and forbidding tunnel. Together, ghost-hunter Montagu Furzan and the terrified Signalman have to work out the enigma and answer the question: What is it warning against?… Tragically, they find out just too late….

This latest project is directed by and stars Simon Corble in his role as Victorian psychic investigator, Montagu Furzan, who is seeking to unravel the mysteries behind three ghost stories, originally penned by Dickens, M.R. James and Edgar Allan Poe. The co-star is Paul Sullivan, who plays both The Signalman and condemned man in Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale The Black Cat.

It is the psychological dimension of the ghost story which is fully explored in the three tales on offer here - including M.R. James’ The Rose Garden. All exist on the borderland between illusion, madness and the genuinely spooky and that makes for great theatre.

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